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End your suffering in 3 weeks

How would you feel when you finally wave goodbye to your internal pain that's been holding you back from reaching your goals?

Based on  4000 year old Ancient Indian teachings that have been used by thousands of monks to end their suffering, by unlocking their '6th sense.'

[The only NO B.S approach]


 [It doesn’t matter what kind of pain you have ( relationships, work, health) they all stem from this ONE thing]

And No, this isn’t some ‘woo woo’ meditation, yoga or modern ‘western’ approach]


This method has been proven effective across  Eastern Countries for THOUSANDS of years in mystic schools, getting rid of their built-up trauma and suffering.

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Before I Delve into unlocking your 6th sense, does this sound anything like you?

  1. You scour the internet far and wide, searching for some way to get rid of that ‘built up’ tension, stress and pain.

  2. You  have tried  ‘meditation, yoga or law of attraction’ to no avail.

If you answered yes to either of those, these teachings are specifically geared towards you.

WHY YOUR PAIN IS NOT GOING AWAY no matter what you try [And could be getting worse]

The pain that you feel right now, is a buildup of hundreds and hundreds of what I call ‘Energy Mishaps

These are situations in your life that have caused you pain where  you actively sought out to avoid it, not realizing that avoiding the pain leads to ‘physical’ energy buildups. Years and years of pain build ups create intense physical ‘blockages’ in your body, and unless you address these, it just gets worse each and every day.


This isn’t your fault, it's human conditioning. We are evolved to avoid pain. Fortunately, there's a way to bypass this evolutionary pattern, and get rid of these energy blockages........ And it  doesn’t need any fancy tools or expensive visits to ‘retreats’


You can get rid of your 'pain bodies' from the comfort of your home, taking just a few minutes a day.

When you learn to channel your ‘6th sense’ using this method, getting rid of these ‘blockages’ becomes second nature.

Not only can you cleanse your body of its built-up ‘pain bodies’, but you can prevent future incidents to cause you extensive suffering.

Let me just show you an incredible story that a recent student had using this method

Ashley had tried everything to get rid of the pain from his breakup with his girlfriend of 7 years; meditation, yoga, you name it. It just wasn’t getting any better and he kept feeling sorry for himself, on the verge of giving up dating completely. He was scouring the internet, searching for a last resort until he stumbled upon this method that he had never heard of , and was extremely skeptical of.  Since he had nothing to lose, he gave it a try. In his own words he could ‘physically feel the negative energy leave his body’


He was tapping into the pain ‘body’ that was built up through the suffering in the breakup, and releasing it through the earth, cleansing his soul.


Replacing it with an abundance of new divine positive energy that not only got rid of his pain……But gave his life a ‘spice’, a new excitement and will to live and conquer, that he had never had a taste of before.

Ashley is just one of hundreds of students who channeled their ‘6th sense’ and decided to make a change to put an end to their pain….


Whether it’s built up childhood trauma, work related stress, the list goes on.


All types of ‘pain’ from the same ‘pain bodies’ that this method works on to release.

The single most important mistake that most students make, that can halt their ‘pain release’ journey;

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is getting advice from someone who has not demonstrated any results before. This Ancient method is not an easy skill to teach, and requires DECADES of experience and nurturing to truly master. 


It's not for everyone, and the people that possess this skill are extremely rare.  


There are only a handful of gifted teachers across the world who teach this method, and most of them help students in person, in secret locations you would have never even heard of.


Nobody was teaching this remotely, and that’s why I made it my mission to help students get rid of their pain and feel a new  exciting ‘drive’ for their life once again.


Which leads me to my introduction.

PHOTO-2022-09-20-23-50-46 (1).jpg

I’m SixtySkills


I’ve healed thousands of people worldwide for over 25 years, helping them find a new ‘drive’ for their life and get rid of their internal pain.


I have trained under the world’s BEST teachers in order to perfect my craft.

Mark Rasmus provided my greatest training in Hermetics. Outside that an unnamed Taoist teacher, a Sant Mat master, Gary Clyman of Chicago, Linhai of Sacred


I went through Kundalini awakening care of Glenn Morris’ seminal work ‘Path Notes of an American Ninja Master’. Additionally, I am a co-author of the best seller book ‘Initial Experiences with the Kabbalah.’

Enough about me, now I want to hear about you. Your story, your problems, and what exactly are the main problems you are struggling with. Allow me to help you out of your struggles and assist you with tapping into your hidden potential, that you didn’t even know you had.


How would it feel in a few weeks from now, becoming a COMPLETELY changed person. Waking up feeling energized, ready to attack the day and conquering your goals with your limitless energy and drive.


PHOTO-2022-09-20-23-50-46 (2).jpg

John G.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

I used to know chi balls as psi balls, and this brought memory back. It is good to know that the skill is not gone, but is always with me, especially as I am a recent reiki master. It is through Reiki I learned about Akasha or Wuji, and now knowing the breathing technique is important for that gives me an idea of what to expect

Ashley W.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

My first time working the exercises in Building the Chi Ball, I was able to feel the energy. The instruction are clear, easy, and straightforward.

Next day after my first time working the techniques in this course, I was doing another meditative practice that involves energy movement. Previously, I was only able to visualize and feel the effects afterwards. Now, I can physically feel the movement of the energy in my body.

Great course.

I will continue to work on improving my skills and utilizing the techniques taught in this course.

Mario K.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

As a more sentient than visual, finding this course very helpful and as a great add-on to my regular practice. Simplicity and clarity is one of the traits of the instructor and that is something that is hard to find these days. Great material ...

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