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Master Your Mind, Master Your World

Learn What Concentration Really Is

What Others are Saying

Mario K.

- If you need to pick your first building block when inner arts are in question...start here.

Mara B. 

- ...teaches in a simple, calm, analogue way (leaves out fancy, hyper distracting, fatiguing digital presentations and tools). ...His unique, creative style and personality is scarce in society nowadays...Really delves into the essence of 'concentration', which makes his content relevant, instead of giving dry Wikipedia definitions (aka: information we already know)

Abeshi P.

- This course is gold...I highly recommend this course. If you are generally looking for ways to improve your life, this course is definitely one you should have.


Want to Learn More?

SixtySkills has a comprehensive program to master your body, mind, and spirit. The heaviest hitting techniques from thirty years of wandering the globe, field tested over four different conflicts, and synthesized from the world's greatest martial, and meditative, traditions. Start your journey today!

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