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Finally, the subject of Franz Bardon’s system of metaphysics comes up.

For those not in the know, Bardon was a Czech, of German extraction, who practiced from the 1930’s until his death in 1958 in a Czech police prison. He also spent, a confirmed, time confined in a German concentration camp during the war.

Bardon’s system is one of the most techniques driven system I’ve found in about 30 years of practice. As such, it is very well designed for the Western mind. In conversations with other practitioners, I’ve been told it closely resembles a lot of, non-Buddhist influenced, Taoist monastic systems in China. Technique wise it closely resembles Shingon Buddhism if you avoided a lot of the deity fusion practices.

Bardon’s system is powered fundamentally by kundalini type power, and this appears to be a natural occurrence of a developed practitioner of the system. Repeatedly establishing equilibrium of the elements as described in his system eventually leads to an arousal of the kundalini in the practitioner.

The primary goal of Bardon’s first book is to open the esoteric senses in a practitioner and teach them how to manipulate the fundamental elemental forces. With this, equilibrium becomes easy to establish and this works as a launching platform for working with the higher-level energies (astral, mental, Akasha and non-dual light) to attain enlightenment.

By developing these fundamental forces, the work of evocation and the Kabbalistic letters opens up as well.

Bardon’s work centers around what can be described as the path of the magician. The path of the magician is essentially about finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

As a practical matter, senior practitioners of this system are fairly quiet about their practice. I’ve never conversed with a German speaking member of this system, although if someone spoke fluent German and was willing to travel to Dresden, or perhaps Prague, who knows what they could find.

During the Second World War, many of the German proponents of the system were actively hunted by Nazi officials interested in their occult practices. The result of which is that most practitioners of the system are very private.

The primary aspect missing from Bardon’s first book involves the body training necessary to fully exploit the movement of energy from the less physical to the physical. Fasciae training is very important to this process and not generally something that can be easily transmitted through a purely written medium.

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