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Non-dual light represents the highest expression of human consciousness. In it’s purest state it is timeless, spaceless and colorless. The primary distinguishing characteristic of non-dual light is the lack of any emotional, or energetic, signature.

As one of my teachers explained, it is beyond the realms of MEST (matter, energy, space and time), but it is also not the energy of the void, or great emptiness.

On some level people describe this as nothingness. However, strangely enough, even nothingness contains an energetic signature of sorts.

Non-dual light is only achieved after crossing through the void to the other side. Some Taoist sects refer to this as crushing the void and returning to reality.

Most Buddhist sects agree having established the ability to enter this state at will, that a practitioner is beyond karma and may choose to not reincarnate in any of the phenomenal realms, such as the Buddha did after his death.

Most religions associate non-dual light with divinity or complete enlightenment.

In experience what goes on in this level of existence is difficult to put into words.

Most descriptions are terse, such as “First, I was suspended in the light, then I was the light and then I was just me again.”

Anyone who has experienced the non-dual light is forever changed by it. Exactly expressing what that means is difficult.

The greatest sages, saints and holy men since the beginning of the written word have argued over what the non-dual light means and how to best describe it.

I certainly have nothing to add to that argument.

Other warnings are worth mentioning. If non-dual light is channeled down through the body into the here and now, it becomes dual. In this regard it tends to reinforce the belief structure of the practitioner in question and takes on a burning effect in the body. A failure to thoroughly purge the energy from the body over time tends to result in fanaticism and a burning out of the physical body.

Finally, generation of non-dual light in the lower realms will bring the attention of the inhabitants of those realms to the practitioner. Frequently they come out to feed on this newly dual energy. Producing more of this merely feeds the problem as does giving money away to freeloaders living around your house. Only the generation of Akasha, or ether as it is otherwise known, allows a practitioner to sweep out the trash so to speak. Contact with Akasha generally shreds the energetic form of the various non-physical entities. For this reason, they both fear and avoid those that can do this. One exception does exist with regards to Saturnian beings, they are not impacted by Akasha as Saturn is the home of this force in the phenomenal realms to a degree. Forcing away Saturnian beings requires the use of solar fire (i.e. the pure energy of the Sun sphere). Emnasut can provide some guidance on this as well.

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